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  • The Pizza Bar on the 38th at Mandarin Oriental
  • Tachigui Sushi Tonari
  • Soba Osame
  • Kyushu’s Creative Cuisine
  • Emi no mise (Ogimi Food)
  • Chukogura Brewery
  • Okonomimura (Okonomiyaki)
  • Matsuka Seimen (Noodle Factory)
  • Ko Zushi
  • Moon Sun Brewing
  • Aotsuka Shokudo

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Hyotei is a traditional kaiseki restaurant located at the entrance of Nanzen-ji Temple, boasting 3 Michelin stars.

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The Pizza Bar on the 38th at Mandarin Oriental

You may not think of pizza when you think of Japan, but there is a new growing trend for sensational sizzling pizza.

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Tachigui Sushi Tonari

There has been a growing trend of more casual sushi restaurants known as ‘sushi-ya’ appearing throughout Tokyo, which was accelerated further by the pandemic and the lack of foreign visitors.

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Soba Osame

Soba Osame, run by soba master Kenji Osame is considered one of the best soba-yas in Tokyo at the moment.

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Kyushu’s Creative Cuisine

For some of the most creative cooking in Kyushu, look no further than Nishimura Takahito’s La Cuisine Créativité.

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Emi no mise (Ogimi Food)

Sample Okinawan cuisine in the heart of Japan's 'Blue Zone' – where the locals are some of the longest-living people on the planet – and discover the Okinawan phrase of 'nuchigusui' – the healing power of food.

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Chukogura Brewery

Known locally as shima-zake or 'island sake', awamori is a distilled rice liquor unique to Okinawa.

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Okonomimura (Okonomiyaki)

Never heard of okonomiyaki? These savoury pancakes originated in Hiroshima and can now be found all over Japan. However, a trip to the okonomiyaki's birthplace is the perfect way to try the nation's favourite pancake.

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Matsuka Seimen (Noodle Factory)

This unassuming third-generation noodle factory has unexpectedly become the go-to early-morning mecca for local noodle enthusiasts. Take a trip to Okayama and discover why.

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Ko Zushi

Experience the world's finest menu – kaiseki is one of Japan's traditional offerings steeped in history and ceremony.

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Drive Ishikawa’s coastline from Komatsu to Suzu for the foodie road-trip of a lifetime, where the Sea of Japan provides an abundance of fresh seafood and Japan’s finest salt.

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Moon Sun Brewing

No trip to Hokkaido is complete without a taste of the prefecture's best-loved drink, and where better to sample a few pints than Sapporo.

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Aotsuka Shokudo

On the coast of the Shukutsu Sea, a visit to Minshuku Aotsuka Shokodu means delicious local cuisine with ever-changing ocean views to boot.

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