Ko Zushi

Ishikawa / Kansai

Ultra-Seasonal Cuisine

Experience the world's finest menu – kaiseki is one of Japan's traditional offerings steeped in history and ceremony.

Specially crafted by a master chef using carefully selected ingredients, a traditional kaiseki meal is the epitome of Japanese fine dining. This is one of the most seasonal dining experiences in the world – with no set menu, diners are served up only the freshest in-season ingredients. Nothing in Japan is done by half-measure, and with this culture of perfection at the heart of all food, even the décor and uniforms in kaiseki restaurants change with the seasons.

Originating as part of a traditional tea ceremony, the roots of kaiseki dining are that of simplicity and expertise, giving chefs the opportunity to show off their sensitivity to ingredients and creativity when crafting each menu.

For the perfect example of Japan's famous food, guests can book to dine at Kozushi and enjoy a premium menu masterfully crafted from local seafood.

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