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Honen-in Temple by Yukito Nishinaka

The installation "Eternal Affinity" is a unique piece of artwork created by glass artist Yukito Nishinaka.

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Auberge Tokito

Upon entering Auberge Tokito in Tachikawa, just 45 minutes from Tokyo, you are immediately transported to an exclusive and serene oasis.

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Ishigaki Blue

Established on the Okinawa's southern island of Yoron in 1970 by artist Kyo-u, this striking style of Japanese pottery experiments with powdered mineral ore and translucent glass to create unique pieces of ceramic art decorated with the many shades of the Okinawan Sea

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Yachimun Pottery Dojo

Nestled in Okinawa's original 400-year-old pottery district, Yachimun Dojo is the perfect place to turn your hand to Japanese pottery.

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Kouraku Kiln Pottery

There are numerous different types of pottery in Japan, but the town of Arita is known all over as the birthplace and leading producer of Japan's most popular pottery – porcelain.

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Kurume Kasuri (Fabric/Natural Dyes)

Venture just outside Fukuoka to Kurume and you'll get the chance to see one of Japan's most precious crafts still in production.

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Mima Indigo Dyeing

Deep in the mountains of Shikoku Island, a remote town is the hidden home of Japan's expert indigo dyers, who for centuries have used local crops to dye paper and cloth Japan's favourite shade of blue.

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Yuasa Soy Sauce

Just a small town in the prefecture of Wakayama, Yuasa may seem a strange suggestion to those unfamiliar with the town's true significance in the world of food.

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Sekishu-Washi – Paper Manufacturing

Ishishu Washi is a specific type of Japan's traditional paper, handmade from local mulberry plants in western Shimane for over 1300 years.

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Yunokuni no Mori

In the south of the Ishikawa Prefecture, nestled in natural forest and next door to Awazu Onsen lies Yunokuni no Mori – Komatsu’s craft village.

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Akanko Ainu Kotan

In the east of Hokkaido, on the shores of Lake Akan, Ainu Kotan is the village that over 120 indigenous Ainu still call home.

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Kintsugi Yagi

Take a trip to Kanazawa, craft-capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, where skilled artisans will teach you kintsugi – the ultimate expression of Japan's famous wabi-sabi.

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Natural Life Learning Center Boken Kazoku

Ever wanted to build a raft, sail-away, and cook your own foraged food over a fire out in the middle of nature?

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