Okonomimura (Okonomiyaki)


Hiroshima's Favourite Pancake

Never heard of okonomiyaki? These savoury pancakes originated in Hiroshima and can now be found all over Japan. However, a trip to the okonomiyaki's birthplace is the perfect way to try the nation's favourite pancake.

Made with eggs, shredded cabbage and grated sweet potato, okonomiyaki can be customised any which way, with meat, fish and vegetables all popular additions to top these savoury snacks.

Originating as a dish dubbed 'Western food for a dime', okonomiyaki has always been popular amongst the crowds in Hiroshima, but only in the past 100 years has it become a go-to meal available from the affordable food stands and eateries that line many of the city's streets.

There are hundreds of spots worth visiting for a taste of Hiroshima's favourite pancake, but for the best experience in the city travellers can visit Sazanka Okonomimura – one of the Hiroshima's most highly recommended restaurants.

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