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Use our interactive map to travel the length of Japan and explore a world of beautiful landscapes.

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Miyazaki Forest

With its unusual rock formations and stunning valleys created eroded over millions of years, Miyazaki Forest is a natural wonder you won’t want to miss.

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Miyazaki Seaside

Take a trip to Miyazaki’s seaside, the coastal wonder perfect for surfing, hiking and sight-seeing.

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Snorkelling – Iriomote

Largely uninhabited with just 2000 locals and only one traffic light, Iriomote is southern Japan’s remote jungle island famous for crystal clear waters and perfect sand beaches.

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Kayaking – Iriomote

Kayaking the coast of an almost deserted tropical island sound like your perfect adventure? Try Iriomote.

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Observación de estrellas – Iriomote

Jungle-trekking and star gazing on your bucket list? Time to tick them off in Iriomote.

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Taishaku Gorge / Valley

Nestled in Hiroshima Prefecture between Tojo and Jinsekikogen towns, Taishakukyo Gorge is the 18km long valley found in the Chugoku Mountains.

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Shimanami Kaidō Cycling Route

The Shimanami Kaido is Japan's most famous cycling route – 60km of purpose-built track follow the expressway connecting Japan's main island of Honshu and the island of Shikoku.

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Nara Park – Deer

For those in up-beat Osaka enjoying the fruits of Japan's foodie capital but hankering after temples, teahouses and greenery, a quick trip to Nara will provide your natural fix.

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Kyoto Bamboo Forest

The towering trunks of Arashiyama's bamboo forests are one of Japan's most iconic landscapes.

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Shiretoko Nature Cruise

Mountains, waves, and whales; come face-to-face with Japan's wildest nature on a cruise from Hokkaido's remote Shiretoko Peninsula and discover why the indigenous Ainu named it 'the end of the world'.

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Akan-Mashu National Park

Discover Eastern Hokkaido's flourishing volcanic landscape in The Akan-Mashu National Park, home to the sulphuric scenery of the Mt. Io and the cleanest of caldera lakes.

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