Miyazaki Seaside


Miyazaki’s Majestic Coast

Take a trip to Miyazaki’s seaside, the coastal wonder perfect for surfing, hiking and sight-seeing.

As well as the Omi Shrine and Okuragahama Beach, Cape Hyuga is also home to Umagase – the famous Miyazaki cliff created by 70-metre pillars of rock. Plus, with an observatory constructed for visitors, anyone can get a glimpse of this geological phenomenon.

If you fancy more of an action-packed experience, you’re in luck. Aoshima is a small coastal town where surfing takes centre stage; here, consistent waves, pure sand beaches and towering palm trees attract surfers to the sea. Plus, with over six surf schools along the beach, Aoshima is perfect for beginners looking to start out too!

Last, but by no means least, Miyazaki’s coast is also home to the striking Horikiri Pass. Here, strange geological formations drop into the sea for the perfect photo opportunity. And, with the chance of a bird-of-prey soaring overhead, this is the perfect spot for visitors to stop with their camera and snap some of the best nature that Japan has to offer.

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