Akan-Mashu National Park


A Volcanic Journey

Discover Eastern Hokkaido's flourishing volcanic landscape in The Akan-Mashu National Park, home to the sulphuric scenery of the Mt. Io and the cleanest of caldera lakes.

Here, guests can hike trails around one of Japan's active volcanoes, or even take a dip in Lake Mashu – celebrated as one of the clearest lakes in the world. Then, after a busy day exploring, why not relax in one of the natural hot springs nearby?

For those seeking even more adventure, guided canoe tours wind through thick forest along the Kushiro River. Lake Kussharo – Japan's largest lake in Japan to be formed by a volcanic hollow – is another beautiful canoeing spot right in the centre of the national park. If you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground, Akan-Mashu can also be explored by bicycle, or even horseback.

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Miyazaki Forest


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    Miyazaki Forest
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  • Akan-Mashu National Park

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