Star gazing – Iriomote


Trek Under the Stars

Jungle-trekking and star gazing on your bucket list? Time to tick them off in Iriomote.

Despite being the second largest island in Okinawa, Iriomote is mostly uninhabited with 90% of the island covered in dense jungle. Just the spot for nature lovers.

Whilst its coastline is complete with gleaming sandy beaches and clear blue waters by day, by night the island is best explored with a guided trek through dense jungle – keeping an eye out for beach critters and the elusive Iriomote wildcat all the while.

Plus, Iriomote’s Ishigaki National Park was recently named an International Dark Sky Park – one of only two in the whole of Asia – making it the ideal place for stargazers and budding astronomers alike.

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Miyazaki Forest


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    Miyazaki Forest
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