Natural Life Learning Center Boken Kazoku


Live off the Land — Boken Kazoku

Ever wanted to build a raft, sail-away, and cook your own foraged food over a fire out in the middle of nature? In Boken Kazoku, intrepid guests can do just this – crafting their own experience from the land and discovering how the locals lived throughout history.

Guided by one of Niseko's natural-world experts, guests can find themselves in one of Mt. Yotei's protected areas – only accessible with an experienced local guide. Here they'll forage wild mountain vegetables and mushrooms, before building their own fire by hand and learning how to cook their ingredients the way Japanese have for centuries, with a pot of rice over an open flame.

After fuelling up for the rest of the day, guests then turn their hand to crafting Ikada – traditional log riverboats – and row down Japan's Shiribetsu River. From here, why not fish for dinner whilst taking in the beautiful views of Niseko's wild landscape? Or, perhaps a dip in the Doroyu Hot Springs after a hike through the bamboo forests would be your preferred way to relax after crafting your perfect day at Boken Kazoku.

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