Yachimun Pottery Dojo


The Pottery Dojo

Nestled in Okinawa's original 400-year-old pottery district, Yachimun Dojo is the perfect place to turn your hand to Japanese pottery.

Held in a red-roofed workshop and tucked down a quiet road left untouched by the passing of time, here guests can learn a multitude of pottery techniques. Whether it's an Okinawan-styled pot or authentic Tsuboya Ware, the Yachimun Dojo teaches eager learners the ropes of working with clay – perfect for individuals, families and friends with courses in both English and Japanese.

Alongside hand-building, throwing, and glazing pottery cups, plates and bowls, Yachimun Dojo also offers guests the opportunity to create a traditional Okinawan Shisa sculpture. Shisa are imaginary creatures believed to ward off evil spirits and have become a popular symbol of Okinawa – the perfect handmade souvenir to bring back from your time in Japan's island paradise.

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Ishigaki Blue


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