The Hiramatsu Hotels & Resorts


Stay In Okinawa's Blue Zone

Built into the gentle slopes of a secluded inlet on Okinawa Main Islands' peaceful east coast, Hiramatsu Hotel & Resort Ginoza wakes up each morning to the restorative rays of the rising sun.

Nestled between warm waves and subtropical land rich with natural ingredients, nineteen spacious guest rooms and four private dining rooms invite guests to enjoy the luxury of living slow. Hiramatsu Hotels have made it their mission to create truly special places to stay that focus on slowing down, switching off and tapping into the recuperative power of the surrounding landscape.

Capacity at Hiramatsu Ginoza is kept consciously limited to ensure a peaceful stay. Private terraces with hot tubs or plunge pools insist on many lazy hours spent ocean-gazing, with paths leading down to the shore invite guests to sink their feet into sun-warmed sand.

The resort also celebrates local cooking by sourcing fresh ingredients plucked straight from the surrounding ocean and farmland. And, whilst digging into endless plates of freshly cooked food could satisfy all of your lazy hours spent hosted by Hiramatsu, the resort is also home to a spa, infinity pool and a carefully considered events calendar.

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Halekulani Sabani Boat Sailing


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