Tachigui Sushi Tonari


Tachigui Sushi Tonari

There has been a growing trend of more casual sushi restaurants known as ‘sushi-ya’ appearing throughout Tokyo, which was accelerated further by the pandemic and the lack of foreign visitors. Tachigui Sushi Tonari is one example of this trend. Tachigui, which means "eating while standing," is a chic take on the traditional way of enjoying sushi that dates back to the Edo period when sushi was served as a quick and affordable meal.

The Tachigui Sushi Tonari experience is quick and easy. After booking online, guests order their nigiris from the Ipad menu and have a one hour slot to eat.

Even though one can order traditional Edo-mae style neta (sushi toppings) such as tuna or gizzard shad at Tachigui Sushi Tonari, the chef Hatano Yoshiki adds his own creative spin also serving signature toppings such as eggplant agebitashi and red bean paste sesame seeds.

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