Snorkelling – Iriomote


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Largely uninhabited with just 2000 locals and only one traffic light, Iriomote is southern Japan’s remote jungle island famous for crystal clear waters and perfect sand beaches.

With the island’s pure blue waters home to a natural coral reef havens, guests can’t consider leaving Iriomote until they’ve come face to face with the island’s flourishing marine life whilst snorkelling.

Here, local guide Mansaku-san offers the chance to kayak out to some of Iriomote’s best natural spots, try some outdoor cooked delicacies, snorkel with sea turtles off vibrant reefs, and hop between Japan’s beautiful remote beaches. Plus, guests need not worry if they’ve never snorkelled before, as beginners are taught all of the best techniques to ensure they get the most out of Japan’s breath-taking ocean life.

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