Sand, Salt and Seafood

Drive Ishikawa’s coastline from Komatsu to Suzu for the foodie road-trip of a lifetime, where the Sea of Japan provides an abundance of fresh seafood and Japan’s finest salt.

Just a short journey from Tokyo, the Hokuriku region of Japan hugs the chilly waters of Honshu’s north-eastern coast, where cool temperatures and fast tides harbour Japan’s tastiest fish. As a result, the coastal towns of the Hokuriku region have become a mecca for clued-up food enthusiasts all over the world.

Plus, if you’re serious about your seafood, you won’t rest until you’ve tried the holy grail of sashimi – the legendary kanburi, or winter yellowtail. Found in the waters off Kanazawa, kanburi is considered by many to be the finest white-fleshed sashimi in the world.

For a perfect taste of the region’s famous seafood, look no further than Shokudu Yarn. Run by a local husband and wife who met while studying in Europe before returning to Komatsu, this renovated yarn factory is now serving some of the most innovative and awe-inspiring seasonal cuisine Japan has to offer, receiving a coveted Michelin star in 2021.

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Soba Osame


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    Soba Osame
  • Tachigui Sushi Tonari
  • The Pizza Bar on the 38th at Mandarin Oriental
  • Hyotei
  • Kyushu’s Creative Cuisine
  • Emi no mise (Ogimi Food)
  • Chukogura Brewery
  • Okonomimura (Okonomiyaki)
  • Matsuka Seimen (Noodle Factory)
  • Ko Zushi
  • Moon Sun Brewing
  • Aotsuka Shokudo

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