Shiretoko Nature Cruise


The End of the World

Mountains, waves, and whales; come face-to-face with Japan's wildest nature on a cruise from Hokkaido's remote Shiretoko Peninsula and discover why the indigenous Ainu named it 'the end of the world'.

Japan's national parks are known around the world for their untouched beauty, and Shiretoko's 95,000-acre national park is no exception. Located at the very most Northeastern point of Hokkaido, Shiretoko is the perfect place for adventurers to do some real exploring in the rugged wild and on the choppy seas.

This remote volcanic peninsula isn't just good for ocean views – it's also home to diverse volcanic cliffs, river and forest ecosystems. Plus, with over 285 species of bird and 22 marine mammals including orcas and sea eagles, UNESCO named Shiretoko one of the richest integrated ecosystems in the world.

So, why not hit the ocean and discover the waters of Shiretoko – Japan's wild peninsula with wildlife for everyone.

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Miyazaki Forest


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    Miyazaki Forest
  • Miyazaki Seaside
  • Snorkelling – Iriomote
  • Kayaking – Iriomote
  • Star gazing – Iriomote
  • Taishaku Gorge / Valley
  • Shimanami Kaidō Cycling Route
  • Nara Park – Deer
  • Kyoto Bamboo Forest
  • Shiretoko Nature Cruise
  • Akan-Mashu National Park

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