Kurume Kasuri (Fabric/Natural Dyes)


Woven Through History

Venture just outside Fukuoka to Kurume and you'll get the chance to see one of Japan's most precious crafts still in production. A UNESCO 'intangible cultural heritage' in action, watch Kurume's master Kasuri weavers craft some of the world's most beautiful cloth on the banks of the Chikugo River.

A visit to Kurume is a visit to the home of Kasuri textiles – an ancient Japanese weaving technique, similar to Ikat, which has remained unchanged for hundreds of years. With characteristically blurred patterns native to the banks of Chikogu River, this unique process creates patterns by tying and dying yarn before it is weaved. Once dried, these threads are then untied and then woven into the intricate final designs.

Visit a local mill such as Shimogwa or Ikeda Kasuri Kobo to meet the craftspeople continuing age-old traditions into the modern day and discover the painstaking process behind weaving some of the world's most beautiful cloth.

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Honen-in Temple by Yukito Nishinaka


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    Honen-in Temple by Yukito Nishinaka
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