Kayaking – Iriomote


Wild Iriomote

Kayaking the coast of an almost deserted tropical island sound like your perfect adventure? Try Iriomote.

Floating on the southernmost tip of Japan, Iriomote is truly off-the-beaten track. With a coastline complete with gleaming sandy beaches and clear blue waters, guests can experience unique marine life and beautiful ocean sunsets from the comfort of a kayak – gliding through the island’s peaceful waters with dense forests as their backdrop.

Here, nature-lovers can explore the largest coral reefs in Japan off the coast of Iriomote, complete with clown fish in their anemones, gliding manta rays and the unique Ryukyu yellow-margined box turtle. Plus, Iriomote’s pure white sand is an essential habitat for sea turtles as they use the islands beaches as nurseries for laying their eggs.

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