Ishigaki Blue


Ishigaki-Yak Pottery

Established on the Okinawa's southern island of Yoron in 1970 by artist Kyo-u, this striking style of Japanese pottery experiments with powdered mineral ore and translucent glass to create unique pieces of ceramic art decorated with the many shades of the Okinawan Sea.

Since then, Kyo-u's son has founded the Ishigaki Pottery Studio on Ishigaki Island – a location abundant with the essential minerals and materials needed to create Ishigaki-yaki pottery.

Surrounded by beautiful ocean panoramas and every shade of tropical blue and green, there's no better place to inspire this ocean pottery, and at Ishigaki Pottery Studio visitors can find reflections of the natural world in every piece.

With a gallery that welcomes all pottery enthusiasts from around the world, Ishigaki Pottery Studio also sells select tableware to ensure that visitors never forget the beautiful island waters of Okinawa.

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Ishigaki Blue


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    Ishigaki Blue
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