Miyazaki Forest


Clouds, Caves and Cliffs

With its unusual rock formations and stunning valleys created eroded over millions of years, Miyazaki Forest is a natural wonder you won’t want to miss. Spanning both Boroishi and Tokuso mountains and the Kaeda Valley between them, visitors to Miyazaki Forest can explore natural phenomenon’s such as the goblin-like Tengu-iwa Rock, Elephant's Graveyard rocks, and Hari-no-mimi cave.

Perhaps the best view for nature lovers, however, can be found from Kunimigaoka, a huge 513m hill close to the town of Takachiho. Here, Kyushu’s famous sea of clouds draws eager enthusiasts from far and wide, offering unparalleled views as calming clouds blanket the forest below.

Plus, why not follow Miyazaki Forest’s waters to discover the ancient and spiritual Amano Yasukawara cave, as well as the striking Takachiho Gorge carved out by the Gokase River. Here, huge cliffs loom over the gorge and the Minainotaki waterfall showers down to create a truly breath-taking experience that nature-lovers won’t be able to resist.

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Miyazaki Forest


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    Miyazaki Forest
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