Perfectly Zen In Tokyo’s Newest Capsule Hotel

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STAY: Perfectly zen, in Tokyo’s newest capsule hotel

Set to open later this month, Zen Tokyo is the latest establishment to reinvent the uniquely-Japanese capsule hotel concept. Following the lead of 9h ‘nine hours’ who banished the outdated view of capsule hotels as seedy stopovers for salarymen, Zen Tokyo takes inspiration from traditional teahouses, creating perfectly zen micro-lodgings for travellers on a budget.

Tucked away down a quiet side-street in Tokyo’s Ningyocho district, rooms are priced at roughly 6000 yen per night and guests can choose from three different styles of capsule. An on-site study room and bar serving green tea-infused drinks completes the capsule-teahouse experience.

Zen Tokyo: 1 Chome-5- Nihonbashiningyocho, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0013

Images: Zen Tokyo

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