In Tokyo’s Muji Hotel

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WELLNESS: In Tokyo’s Muji Hotel

Hotly anticipated, Japan’s first Muji Hotel has opened for business in Tokyo’s Ginza district. After a two year wait, Muji Hotel Ginza welcomed its first guests this April, lifting the veil on a staggering ten floors of accommodation, restaurants and retail space – every corner showcasing Muji’s signature blend of style and function.

For those wishing to immerse themselves in Muji’s trademark minimalism, 79 perfectly-appointed bedrooms consider travellers’ every need, whether your budget is limited to a compact 12-square-metre bolthole or stretches to a larger 52-square-metre suite. If it’s shopping you’re after then, hotel guest or not, a trip to Ginza offers the opportunity to browse the world’s largest Muji store, as well as ‘Atelier Muji’ – a concept store stocking handcrafted goods and exclusive Muji products. And it doesn’t stop there – the hotel also houses a cocktail bar, a library, meeting areas and a Japanese restaurant serving up local speciality dishes.

For more information and bookings, head to the hotel website

Images: Muji via Wallpaper

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