In The Heart Of Okinawa’s Blue Zone

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WELLNESS: In the Heart of Okinawa’s Blue Zone

Okinawa Prefecture, anchored off the southern tip of mainland Japan and stretching into the warm waters of the East China Sea has for centuries idled quietly, basking in the tropical sun. But a 620-mile cluster of palm fringed white sand islands weren’t going to stay secret for long, and with the world waking up to Okinawa’s bountiful natural beauty, the islands are fast becoming one of Japan’s most popular destinations. Famed for pristine beaches, verdant forests, reefs bursting with life and food that famously promotes a long and happy life, for those looking to rest and recharge, Okinawa is a direct hook-up to the power of nature.

Built into the gentle slopes of a secluded inlet on Okinawa Main Island’s peaceful east coast, Hiramatsu Hotel & Resort Ginoza wakes up each morning to the restorative rays of the rising sun. Nestled between warm waves and subtropical land rich with natural ingredients, nineteen spacious guest rooms, four private dining rooms and an on-site spa invite guests to enjoy the luxury of living slow.

The burnout from our fast-paced, always-on lives is keenly felt. Hiramatsu Hotels know this, and have made it their mission to create truly special places to stay that focus on slowing down, switching off and tapping into the recuperative power of the surrounding landscape.

With just a handful of guest rooms, capacity at Hiramatsu Ginoza is kept consciously limited to ensure a peaceful stay. Floor-to-ceiling windows in each lofty suite roll-back to welcome the morning light and fresh sea breeze. Private terraces with hot tubs or plunge pools insist on many lazy hours spent ocean-gazing, whilst paths leading down to the shore invite guests to sink their feet into sun-warmed sand.

Having started their journey thirty years ago as celebrated Restaurant Hiramatsu, perfectly prepared food remains the focus. Each resort celebrates local cooking by sourcing fresh ingredients plucked straight from the surrounding landscape; in Okinawa, this means tapping into the miracle-diet that famously stretches the lives of the islanders. Sourcing ingredients directly from local fishermen and farmers, Executive Chef Yoshinobu Kinoshita creates an ever-evolving menu that fuses Okinawan-style cooking with Hiramatsu’s signature French-inspired cuisine.

Whilst digging into endless plates of freshly-cooked food could satisfy all of your lazy hours spent hosted by Hiramatsu, the resort is also home to a spa, infinity pool and a carefully-considered events calendar.

Images: Alex Rebbeck for ANA

Last November, We Are Japan took a seven-day trip – exploring the country’s most remote corners to discover sand and soba, skiing and snow crab all in one week. Follow our trip over the coming weeks as we track our journey from the tropical south to the frozen north.  

With thanks to Hiramatsu Hotel & Resort Ginoza

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