In Kyoto’s Latest Machiya Makeover

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WELLNESS: In Kyoto’s Latest Machiya Makeover

Visit Kyoto and you’ll fall in love with the winding backstreets lined with traditional wooden machiya townhouses. But despite the hundreds of years of precious history built into the walls, irreplaceable Kyoto townhouses are often demolished to make way for shiny new apartment blocks – a culture of rapid urban renewal echoed across Japan. So it’s with relief that fans of the city’s unique architecture will be following the trend for sensitive machiya restorations, as traditional houses across Kyoto are lovingly restored and reinvented as private homes, stores, guest houses and even events spaces.

Read on for a glimpse inside Kyoto’s latest machiya guest-house – paying homage to Kyoto’s rich history through thoughtful design.

Tucked away down a quiet street beside Kyoto’s Nijo Castle, A Day in Khaki is a beautiful design-led retreat, offering visitors a chance to soak up the city’s unique history. Housed in a 120-year-old former dye house, three perfectly minimal bedrooms house up to six guests. Doubling-up as an events space, the airy communal living rooms make the most of the building’s original wooden structure and the enterprising owners have even created a unique line of product [https://www.adayinkhaki.com/shop] – inviting guests to seamlessly blend with the surroundings by donning appropriately-styled slippers and robes.

Images: Monocle Magazine

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