In Japan’s Most Stylish Island Hideout

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WELLNESS: In Japan’s Most Stylish Island Hideout

The vision of fashion designer Akira Minagawa, Umitota, on the island of Teshima in the Seto Inland Sea, is a small but perfectly formed rural hideaway. Embedded in the landscape, with views of rice paddies and open water from every room, Umitota encourages guests to slow down, take a breath and slot in with rural island life. The newly-renovated two-story house has been carefully designed with Teshima’s art-loving visitors in mind. Since the first Setouchi Triennale contemporary art festival in 2010, the island has welcomed a steady stream of design-conscious travellers; and whilst the island’s natural beauty is an obvious draw, its accommodation remains rustic.

Leading the way with high-end accommodation that chimes with the beauty of the landscape, Umitota’s carefully designed ‘sea and field’ guesthouse comfortably draws guests into local life. Bathtubs forged from Teshima volcanic rock and walls encrusted with abalone shells connect visitors to the surrounding landscape; whilst picture windows and a sea-facing front door invite eyes and feet outside to explore the land.

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