In Affordable Luxury

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WELLNESS: In Affordable Luxury

Hotel firms in Japan continue
to diversify in an attempt to attract leisure travellers and fill the glaring
gap for affordable, stylish hotel rooms. In the same vein as Marriot’s Moxy chain or Hilton’s Canopy,
luxury Japanese hotelier Hoshino have launched sub-brand OMO – providing lower
cost accommodation for travellers on a budget.

Focussing on leisure not
business, prices are kept low by designing stripped-back yet stylish guest
rooms, and the desire for local recommendations and authentic experiences is
served by in-depth knowledge from on-site ‘OMO Rangers’. Truly setting the
concept apart, OMO hotels will also be graded according to amenities – with
‘OMO0’ indicating the most basic (offering bedrooms only), and ‘OMO9’ the best
equipped (home, for example, to bars, restaurants and on-site spas). The first
outpost opened this April in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, and the second swiftly after
in Tokyo’s Otsuka district.

Head to the hotel website for
more information and to book your stay.

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