A Unesco World Heritage Site

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WELLNESS: A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Deep in Gokayama Valley, Toyama Prefecture, Ainokura is a remote farming village and one of a handful in the region famous for their distinctive gassho-zukuri thatched-roof farmhouses. Along with nearby Suganuma and Ogimachi, Ainokura was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Although most of the gassho-zukuri remain private residences, some have been converted to restaurants, folk museums and even minshuku guesthouses – offering visitors the opportunity to bed down amidst Japanese farming tradition.

Less developed and harder to reach than its neighbouring villages, an overnight stay at Ainokura is a truly unique experience. Run by local families, Ainokura’s minshuku invites guests to experience Japanese rural life – providing traditional lodgings and cooking local food, often over a rustic open fireplace known as an irori. As farmhouse lodgings become increasingly popular, reservations can be hard to secure – so be sure to book in advance via Japanican.

For further information on access and attractions, visit Japan-guide.com

Top image via Unsplash, bottom image via Japan Guide

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