In A Machiya Townhouse

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CRAFT: In a Machiya Townhouse

There’s no better way to experience Kyoto than to live like a local in a traditional ‘machiya’ townhouse. Found throughout the city, machiya houses are characterised by their wooden structure and traditional design features including shoji sliding doors and tatami mat flooring. A recent spate of developers turning dilapidated machiya into luxury guest houses means you can now experience life inside a traditional Japanese home for yourself.

Hidden down picturesque backstreets across the city, each of Iori Machiya Stay’s lovingly restored machiya has its own distinct character. If you’re after a home in Kyoto’s historic Gion district, check out Old Kyoto’s boutique collection of machiya – our top pick is the Gion House, a former ‘ochaya’ where patrons were entertained by geisha. Or if you’re after tradition with a modern edge, you can’t beat the newly renovated Kyoto Moyashi House, where historic design and contemporary comfort seamlessly come together.

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