At Tokyo’s Wired Hotel

WELLNESS: At Tokyo’s Wired Hotel

As Tokyo 2020 draws closer and the surge in tourism continues apace, increased demand for rooms is breathing new life into the city’s hotel scene. Long-since typified by soulless business hotels, a new breed of design-led boutique hotel is setting the standard for Tokyo stopovers.

Opening for business in April this year, just ahead of Shibuya’s TRUNK Hotel, Wired Hotel in Asakusa is the latest to pitch itself as a hip community hub, attracting modern travellers keen to connect with local culture.

Teaming up with the creative brains behind Ace Hotel, Wired Hotel is the is the latest project from the team behind Wired Café, and just like TRUNK, aims to connect visitors with the surrounding community. Enlisting local makers to help craft the hotel’s high-end interiors, many of the furnishings are also available for guests to take home souvenirs. On the ground floor, cafe and bar Zakbaran actively invites non-guests to use the space, and a busy events schedule features talks by local ‘ambassadors’ presenting their favourite ‘1MILE’ and ‘100MILE’ hotspots in the style of a live guidebook.

Aimed at the creative class with rooms to suit all budgets, ¥5000 gets your foot in the door and your head on the pillow of one of several dormitory beds, whilst for ¥50000 you can book your stay in room 1001 – the hotel’s luxurious penthouse suite.

Wired Hotel; 2-16-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Images and video: OMFG Co.

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