At Tokyo’s Latest Concept Hotel

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WELLNESS: At Tokyo’s Latest Concept Hotel

Taking up residence in heart of bustling Shibuya, Hotel Koé is Tokyo’s latest lifestyle hotel. Following in the footsteps of nearby TRUNK (HOTEL), Hotel Koé aims to satisfy the lifestyles of a new wave of travellers – accommodating guests on all fronts by fusing bedrooms, music, fashion and food.

Managed by Japanese fashion retailer Stripe International, the first two light-filled floors are dedicated not to sleeping, but to eating, music and shopping. An open-plan restaurant and bakery on the ground floor invites residents and non-residents alike to enjoy fresh pastries, affordable lunches and a DJ-curated soundtrack. The first floor houses the flagship retail space for contemporary Koé clothing and lifestyle products; then for those who’ve booked to stay, an unassuming elevator at the back of the ground floor whisks overnight guests to their artfully designed accommodation. Ten rooms, each designed by Shun Kawakami of Artless Inc, promise Tokyo’s sleekest beds for the night – surrounded by slate grey walls, perfectly minimal furnishings and knock-out Shibuya views.

Hotel Koe: 3-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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