Amidst Old World Grandeur In Yokohama

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WELLNESS: Amidst Old-World Grandeur in Yokohama

Travel back in time with a stay at the Hotel New Grand, Yokohama. Built in 1927 after the original grand hotel was destroyed in the Great Kanto earthquake, the Hotel New Grand’s impeccably dressed doormen have welcomed a host of historic figures during its 90-year history, from General MacArthur to Charlie Chaplin.

Steeped in old-world glamour, design fans will appreciate the opulent interiors, many of which remain unchanged since they were created, and for those who put service top of the list there aren’t many hotels better equipped to make you feel like you’ve stepped into celebrity shoes. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Hotel New Grand’s history is the role it played in introducing Yoshoku ‘Western Style’ dining to Japan. Championed by the chefs of the Hotel New Grand, Japan’s unique east-meets-west soul food rapidly gained popularity throughout the twentieth century and today is one of 2018’s top global food trends.

Images: Monocle Magazine

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