The World’s Smallest Ukiyo-e Museum

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CRAFT: The World’s Smallest Ukiyo-e Museum

Wander the backstreets just south of Kyoto’s bustling Gion district and you may stumble across the world’s smallest ukiyo-e museum. Run by artist Ichimura Mamoru in an extension of his home, a tiny display of traditional ukiyo-e woodblock prints sits alongside his humble studio. Having begun training at the age of 14 in his grandfather’s workshop, Mamoru is one of only a handful of artists of his kind left in Japan. Still using traditional techniques to create ukiyo-e artworks, Mamoru can be seen creating original prints by hand with many available to buy in his museum store.

That is if the doors are open and the museum proprietor hasn’t ‘hadenough’ for the day..

Ukiyoe Small Museum; 152 Komatsuchō, Higashiyama-ku, Kyōto-shi, 605-0811

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