Japan’s Fake Food

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CRAFT: Japan’s Fake Food

Just like the brightly lit vending machines that grace every street corner in Japan, the hyper-real plastic food displayed in thousands of restaurant windows is an unmissable local quirk. But what bewildered tourists examining these carefully crafted plates of food won’t realise, is that their creation is in fact one of Japan’s lesser known artisanal crafts, proudly hailing from Gujo Hachiman, Gifu Prefecture.

Having discovered the heritage of Japan’s fake food, photographer Marco Arguello travelled to Gujo Hachiman, camera in hand. Spending two days in the area, Arguello was invited behind-the-scenes of local workshops, meeting the makers who train for years to master the art of painstakingly crafting plastic dishes. Nothing like the quiet imagery that usually accompanies Japanese craft stories, the resulting photo series is a vibrant portrait of one of the world’s most extraordinary crafts.

Images: Marco Arguello: Japanese Fake Food for WePresent, Click here to view the whole series

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