Beautiful design, born out of necessity

CRAFT: Beautiful Design, Born Out of Necessity

Born out of necessity after
the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, Ishinomaki Laboratory is a not-for-profit DIY
design business, specialising in stripped back utilitarian furniture and
homewares. Inspired by the challenge of maximising a shortage of resources
following the disaster, the project was originally conceived to help the people
of Ishinomaki – one of the country’s worst hit areas – rebuild their lives.

Approximately 30,000 residents
in the coastal city of Ishinomaki lost their homes in the 2011 disaster as massive
tidal waves left half of the city submerged under water. On visiting the city
shortly after the tragedy, Ishinomaki Laboratory co-founder Keiji Ashizawa was
inspired to launch a business that would equip local people to fix their own property
through access to a community workshop with readily available tools and
materials. Ashizawa established DIY workshops for residents and participated in
restoring and renovating local shops to help the city get back on its feet.

Since then, what began as a
social enterprise has grown to become a design business in its own right, quickly
gaining international attention for the simple beauty of their functional
products. Head to Ishinomaki Laboratory’s website to view the full collection.

Images: Ishinomaki Laboratory

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