Ana’s Third Flying Honu Take To The Skies

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DISCOVER: ANA’s Third ‘Flying Honu’ Take to the Skies

What better way to land in sunny Honolulu than aboard a flying sea turtle?

Taking to the skies over the past nine months, ANA’s brightly coloured ‘Flying Honu’ are hard to miss as they ferry holidaymakers between Japan and Hawaii. Taking design cues from Hawaiian culture, the final three Airbus A380 to leave the production line in Toulouse have been given a celebratory tropical makeover by ANA, with the Hawaiian ‘Honu’ turtle, a symbol of good fortune, taking centre stage. Painted sky-blue, sea-green and sunset-orange to reflect Hawaii’s vibrant landscape, the Flying Honu’s distinctive livery is matched by a custom-designed interior focussed on unparalleled comfort for up to 520 passengers.

Joining its fellow airborne turtles later this year, ANA’s third A380 will up the number of roundtrips per week between Tokyo and Honolulu to 14, reflecting Hawaii’s continuing popularity as Japan’s favourite holiday destination.

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