Sea bream rice by Kazutoshi Endo

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FOOD: Sea Bream Rice by Kazutoshi Endo

London’s Japanese gastronomy scene has been moving and shaking over recent years, with sushi chef Kazutoshi Endo as one of the rising stars. Born in Yokohama, Japan, Mr Endo is the head chef of the iconic Michelin starred omakase* restaurant ‘Endo at the Rotunda’. Food has always been at the heart of his family; as a third generation classic Edomae-style trained sushi master, he learnt his craft and nigiri-making techniques from his grandfather who had owned and operated a popular local sushi bar. As the previous head chef at Zuma restaurant in London, which has branches all over the world, Mr Endo has often chosen to fly ANA for his personal and private travel. Since moving to London, he has been fusing traditional know-how with European ingredients, working closely with the local fishermen.

Today’s dish ‘sea bream rice’, otherwise known as ‘Tai-meshi’, has been inspired by Mr Endo’s mother who used to take him to a kaiseki restaurant in Kamakura. At the end of the kaiseki course meal, ‘kamameshi’ (‘kettle rice’) would be served with the freshest seasonal fish. As a 10-year-old boy he was astonished at how the flavours could change so much each visit due to the type of fish that was used. Even though the rice stayed the same, the seasons were displayed differently thanks to the fish and its stock.

omakase*- a traditional Japanese tasting menu carefully chosen and curated by the chef.


2 Fresh Sea bream fillets (350)
Rice 290g [Any type of rice is fine]
Dashi stock 335g
3 pinches of rock salt
5 Mushrooms [We used Shimeji, Enoki, chanterelle and king oyster mushrooms) cut into thin strips]
Bonito fakes 5g
Fresh Ginger 5g [Julienne cut]
Soy Sauce 10g
Saki 10g
Mizuna leaves 5g
1 Yuzu



We used a Japanese ‘Donabe’ pot but you can use any type of pot with a lid.

This recipe works best if you season the sea bream fillets in salt and leave them in the fridge overnight.  To do this: well season the sea bream fillets with rock salt by rubbing the salt into each fillet and then wrapping in clingfilm to place in the fridge.


1) Remove sea bream fillets from fridge. Wash, drain and set aside.

2) In a large cooking pot, mix together the dashi stock, sake and soy sauce.

3) Add in the ginger and bonito flakes, stirring well.

4) Next, mix in the mushrooms.

5) Finally, add the seam bream fillets, placing them carefully on top of the mixture.


6) Add the lid and cook on a medium heat for 14 minutes.

7) Turn off the heat and leave to cool with the lid on for 12 minutes. Do not stir while the mixture is cooling.

8) Place the Mizuna leaves on top of the fillets and leave for 20 seconds with the lid on.

9) Next, remove the lid, fold the mixture and stir well.

10) Leave for 30 seconds to cool down and season with the Yuzu zest before serving.


We recommend a Sake to accompany this dish. Enjoy!

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