Japan’s Tastiest Seafood, Straight From The Source

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FOOD: Japan’s tastiest seafood, straight from the source.

Just two and a half hours by bullet train from Tokyo, the Hokuriku region of Japan hugs the chilly waters of Honshu’s north-eastern coast, where cool temperatures and fast tides harbour Japan’s tastiest fish.

Tempting seafood fans away from the city, these three restaurants are amongst a crop of businesses putting Hokuriku on the map as Japan’s freshest culinary destination.

Shokudo Yarn

Housed in a former yarn factory in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Shokudu Yarn is a destination restaurant with multi-plate lunch and dinner menus worth travelling off-the-beaten-track for.

Shokudo Yarn: 1-37-1 Yoshitakemachi, Komatsu 923-0835, Ishikawa Prefecture


Specialising in French-inspired fare using fresh local produce, LULL’s seaside location, contemporary-Japanese interiors and ultra-delicate plates make it a must-visit for any foodie on their way to Sakai.

Lull: 31-25 Mikunicho Saki, Sakai 913-0065, Fukui Prefecture

Ko Zushi

Hokuriku is a hotbed for sushi restaurants serving up the straight-from-the-sea sushi Tokyoites can only dream of. For a taste of the Sea of Japan’s freshest fish, Ko Zushi in Fukui won’t let you down.

Ko Zushi: 1-1-3 Tawara, Fukui 910-0018, Fukui Prefecture

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