Japanese Breakfast By Way Of New York

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FOOD: Japanese breakfast by way of New York

Breakfast in Japan is notoriously tricky for foreign visitors. Dubious about the prospect of grilled fish and miso soup at sunrise, most find themselves diving into the nearest Starbucks for sticky pastries and a reassuring latte. But Paul Kim and Jeremy Velardi, chefs at new Kyoto restaurant Lorimer, are hoping to convince us to swap our croissants and granola for natto and steamed rice with their second-to-none Japanese breakfasts.

Having lived in New York for the past decade where he established a string of small-but-influential restaurants, owner Yuji Haraguchi’s Kyoto outpost is bringing his east-meets-west take on Japanese cooking home. Part niche restaurant, part cooking school, Lorimer serves breakfasts without the need to reserve until 2pm, where after the space becomes a classroom for those keen to learn the delicate art of sashimi. Visit Lorimer’s website to book your spot at the cooking school, or drop-in before lunchtime to taste Kyoto’s very best breakfast.

Lorimer Kyoto: 143 Hashizumecho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, 600-8183

Images: Lorimer Kyoto, via Facebook

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