Hokkaido Crab

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FOOD: Hokkaido Crab

Known as the ‘Kingdom of Food’ to the Japanese, Hokkaido is famously abundant in ultra-fresh seafood, with crab, or kani top of the menu from street stalls to high-end restaurants. Plucked straight from the surrounding ocean and varying by region and season, Hokkaido offers a vast array of crab meat to try, from snow crab to horsehair, hanasaki and red king crab.

Each with its own distinctive flavour, the best way to get stuck in and taste a variety of meat is to head to the nearest fish market, where you’ll find on-site vendors preparing fresh fish to eat. If you find yourself in Sapporo, Nijo Market is easy to reach and simple to navigate, with a wealth of locally caught crab ready to sink your teeth into. Ask for the seasonal speciality, and if you love what you taste, look out for stores selling 100% canned crab meat ready to slip into your suitcase.

Images: Alex Rebbeck for ANA

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