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FOOD: Farm-To-Table

The trend for preparing food using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients has hit Japan in a big way. Inspired by the popularity of ‘farm-to-table’ dining in the West, and drawing on the Japanese concept of chisan-chiso (local production for local consumption), a slew of restaurants proudly promoting the hands that grew their produce have sprung up across the country.

With an aim to reduce the number of miles food travels, eating fresh and supporting local farmers, farm-to-table dining appeals to the demands of Japan’s increasingly conscious consumers. And whilst most restaurants work with third-party growers, a handful have gone the extra mile – taking a more idealistic approach by sourcing their ingredients from farms they own and operate themselves.

Taking root in Ome, a far-western district of Tokyo, T.Y.Farm is one such creative venture. Regenerating farmland that was left devastated by the plum pox virus in 2009, founder Futoshi Ota has developed what he proudly describes as a ‘seed-to-table’ restaurant. Located in Tokyo’s Shinagawa district, Noz by T.Y.Farm specialises in fresh, organic greens, grown using their own seeds, on their own land, on the outskirts of the city. Book your seat for some of Tokyo’s tastiest salads, washed down with herb-infused drinks from a self-serve water bar.

Noz by T.Y.Farm: 2 Chome-2-43 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa City, Tokyo 140-0002

Images: Via Newt Magazine

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