Ekiben – Bento On The Go

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FOOD: Ekiben – Bento on the Go

Forget lukewarm coffee and soggy sandwiches;
eating whilst travelling is a cut above in Japan thanks to the tradition of ekiben – lovingly made bento-on-the-go. With
a history as long as the railways themselves, ekiben are complete boxed meals
which travellers can buy at rail stations and eat whilst on the move.

A tradition that began over 130 years ago, boxed
lunches were sold on station platforms to feed those unable to afford meals in
the restaurant cars. What began as simple bento boxes of onigiri (rice balls), fried
fish and pickles, can today be found in a vast array of regional varieties, and
there’s no better place to sample the best than at Tokyo Station’s Ekiben-Ya

Specialising in ekiben from all regions of
Japan, make sure you seek out this unique bento emporium when setting off from
Tokyo’s central station. With almost 170 varieties of ekiben, from Kanagawa
Prefecture’s Sea Bream Rice to Toyama Prefecture’s Trout Pressed Sushi, and
Miyagi Prefecture’s BBQ Beef Tongue – the tricky bit will be deciding which to
try first…

Images: Matcha

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