Donuts The Japanese Way

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FOOD: Donuts, The Japanese Way

Premium donuts are a thing in Japan. Forget oily dough and sticky jam fillings, Japan takes the humble donut to whole new heights with the likes of Kyoto’s newly-opened Koé Donuts. Following in the footsteps of nearby Hitsuji, who have been servicing the people of Kyoto with fresh artisanal donuts since 2011, Koé Donuts opened for business this March, focusing (like Hitsuji) on carefully crafted, additive-free buns.

From the same camp as Tokyo’s Koé Hotel, Koé Donuts is operated by fashion retailer Stripe International and aims to fuse food and design by creating a unique line of sticky snacks under one artfully-designed roof. With a line of original flavours that are both decadent and health-conscious, Koé Donuts are all natural, organic and hyper-local – right down to the flour which is made each morning at the in-house ‘powder factory’. Housed in a building designed by Kengo Kuma and styled by Shun Kawakami, this is without a doubt the world’s sleekest donut house – demanding a visit and set to convert even the staunchest of donut sceptics.

Koe Donuts: 557 Nakanocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, 604-8042

Images: Spoon Tamago

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