Japan’s First Home-grown Gin

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FOOD: Japan’s First Home-Grown Gin

Is Japan about to do for gin distilling what it did
for whisky? Opening just two years ago, The Kyoto Distillery is Japan’s first dedicated artisanal gin
distiller, causing a stir with its boundary-busting KI NO BI blend.

Japan’s first artisanal gin, KI
NO BI, was dreamt up by drinks industry veterans David Croll and Marcin Miller,
who chose Kyoto as the base for their innovative distillery due to the city’s international
renown as the home of Japanese craftsmanship. After welcoming on board
accomplished head distiller, Alex Davies, the team went about crafting a unique
blend using the abundance of local produce Kyoto Prefecture is famous for. Sourcing
the right mix of botanicals is crucial, and the Kyoto Distillery team go the
extra mile – hand-picking yuzu from local farms, sourcing Gyokuro tea in Uji
and ginger from third-generation farmers who store their crop in caves
hand-built into the mountains surrounding the city.

The result is a
multi-award-winning blend which, being both innovative and meticulously crafted
using local ingredients, truly is the spirit of Kyoto. To taste it for yourself
head to Tokyo’s Bar Noir in Ebisu, or Ginza’s Bar High Five for a killer KI NO
BI martini.

Images: The Kyoto

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