Japanese Wine

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FOOD: Japanese Wine

Travel to the base of Mount
Fuji and you’ll discover Koshu – the home of Japanese wine. More than 30 family-run
boutique wineries make Koshu a unique destination for any wine enthusiast keen
to sample one of the industry’s best kept secrets.

The Koshu grape variety
doesn’t grow anywhere else in the world, and is the base for Koshu wine. 95% of
Japan’s Koshu grapes are grown in Yamanashi Prefecture, and although the area
has been producing wine for well over a century, it’s only recently started to
garner international attention, with local bottles beginning to win industry
awards. Celebrated for its delicate flavour and perfect pairing with umami-rich
dishes, Koshu wine is a true hidden gem. Track down a bottle to sample at home,
or even better, head to Yamanashi to try a glass amidst the grapevines themselves.

Visit Koshu of Japan to discover more, or Wondertrunk for details of their tailored wine tours.


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