Craft Sake Amongst The Sakura

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FOOD: Craft Sake Amongst the Sakura

Move over craft beer, there’s a new artisan brew in town, and those in the know are swapping their pint glasses for sake cups. But with so many brands, each promising the smoothest sipping sake, it’s hard to know which to try first – so what better way to initiate your tastebuds to the world of premium sake than a trip to Tokyo’s Craft Sake week next spring?

Image credit: Kazuya Koike crafted sake cups

Craft sake is gaining popularity around the world, and the industry in Japan in responding. The shift away from mechanised production towards small batch, hands-on brewing has given rise to a vast number premium sake brands, whose handmade product perfectly reflects the high quality craftmanship synonymous with Japanese culture.

Coinciding with cherry blossom season, 100 producers take part in the 10 day sake celebration, giving visitors a chance to sample Japan’s very best brews. ¥3,500 buys guests a craft sake starter set including a sake glass and six coins to exchange for drinks, with further tokens available to purchase. Sake and sakura make for a heady mix, and when you throw in live music and food from some of Japan’s best restaurants, what better place to whet your appetite for Japan’s traditional tipple?

Set to take place again next spring in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills, keep your eyes on the Craft Sake Week website for details of 2018’s event.

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