Bubble Tea

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FOOD: Bubble Tea

Originating in Taiwan and popular throughout Asia, bubble tea, or tapioca, is enjoying a boom of popularity in Japan. Available in a mind-boggling array of flavours, bubble tea consists of sweetened milky tea topped with chewy tapioca balls – also known as ‘pearls’ or ‘boba’.

Consigned for years to the shelves of convenience stores and a smattering of specialist cafes, 2019 has seen tapioca take centre stage – filling our Instagram feeds and commanding long lines at dedicated shops selling endless cups of the colourful drink. Answering demand, a huge number of bubble tea stands, stores and cafes have sprung up throughout Japan. Creative incarnations such as tapioca ramen, tapioca beer and inevitably branded tapioca have been grabbing headlines. Then just when you thought the world had reached peak bubble tea, Tokyo’s Harajuku ended the summer by playing host to a tapioca theme park. Popping up for one month only, the wildly popular Tokyo Tapioca Land shot bubble tea to the top of the charts, securing its place as this year’s hottest food and drink trend.

Image: Via Unsplash

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