Visit The City Dubbed Little Kyoto

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DISCOVER:  Visit the City Dubbed ‘Little Kyoto’

With travel becoming increasingly accessible, it’s getting harder and harder to step off the beaten track and escape the crowds. Visitors to Kyoto, long since Japan’s cultural capital, will now often find it bustling with eager temple-hopping travellers. Step forward Kanazawa – the historical hotspot and under-the-radar city everyone’s beginning to talk about.

Dubbed ‘little Kyoto’, Kanazawa sits on Honshu’s west coast, the capital of Ishikawa prefecture. Having languished in the shadows of nearby big-city rivals, Kanazawa is enjoying a moment in the sun, fuelled in part by the recent arrival of high-speed rail links. Rich in historic charm with an abundance of temples, gardens and museums, Kanazawa is set to satisfy even the hungriest cultural tourist. Made for exploration on foot, the city is easily walkable, with not-to-be-missed sights including the wonderfully sculpted Kenroku-en Garden, as well as spectacularly preserved geisha and samurai districts. But rest assured, it’s not all dusty tradition; Kanazawa is also home to a thriving art scene, as well as a host of contemporary restaurants.

Image: Via Unsplash

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