Train With The Yamabushi In Shonai

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WELLNESS: Train with the Yamabushi in Shonai

With a mission to shed light
on previously undiscovered regions of Japan, new travel agent, Wondertrunk, are
offering what could be the ultimate spiritual escape. Combining the mental
respite of a retreat with the physical excursion of a bootcamp, their Yamabushi
mountain training program promises a truly unique experience for those keen to
travel off the beaten track.

Dewa Sanzan, meaning ‘the
three mountains of Dewa’, is an ancient pilgrimage site located in the town of
Shonai, in northwest Japan. It’s the centre for Shugendo – a unique religion
rooted in mountain worship that blends Buddhist and Shinto traditions. Living
amidst the three peaks, Shugendo practitioners, known as Yamabushi, keep ancient
traditions alive through vigorous training that honours nature, builds strength
and teaches self-discipline.

Wondertrunk’s training
programs are the first time in 1300 years that the Yamabushi have invited
non-Japanese visitors to experience their unique mountain pilgrimage. Guests
can expect to take part in mountain trekking, meditation and waterfall
purification, before bedding down in a pilgrim lodge at the foothills of the
Dewa Sanzan. For more information and to book your stay, visit the Wondertrunk


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