Surf Japan Japan May Not Be The First Place

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NATURE: Surf Japan

Japan may not be the first place that springs to mind when picturing the world’s best waves, but 3000km of coastline and a raft of tropical islands harbour some of the best beaches to catch a wave.

Read on to discover three of Japan’s surfing hotspots.

To Escape the City: Kanto Region

A short hop from Tokyo, the beaches of Japan’s Kanto region are a popular destination for weekenders in search of some rural respite. For proximity to the city and consistent, thundering waves, Chiba is home to Tokyo’s easiest-to-reach surf, as well as a number of world surfing competitions. Kanagawa, to the south-west of Tokyo, offers quieter beach breaks, the most popular being Shonan and Kugenuma, along with the chance to explore the traditional city of Kamakura. Ride Kanto’s waves during early autumn’s typhoon season, from August to October.

For Tropical Climes: Okinawa

For those who prefer to pair big waves with white sand and palm trees, Japan’s chain of tropical islands offer visitors picture-perfect surf in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Though Okinawa may not boast the biggest waves and the islands’ sharp reef breaks and fickle conditions rule out novices, Japan’s tropical beaches can be surfed all year round, luring visitors with crystal-clear waters and balmy weather.

For Big Swell: Shikoku

Regarded by many as the best surf in Japan, Shikoku, Japan’s fourth largest island, has an exposed south-east facing coastline that enjoys big swell and world-class waves. Koichi and Tokushima prefectures boast the best surf, with the island’s river mouths attracting the biggest crowds, particularly during typhoon season.

All images via Japan Surf

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