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WELLNESS: Glamp Japan

What better way to experience Japan’s breath-taking scenery than to sleep beneath the stars? Japan has always fostered a love for the great outdoors, but the rise in popularity of ‘glamping’ has led to a new crop of luxury camp sites where guests are invited to soak up the scenery without forgoing their everyday comforts.

Read on for five of Japan’s most luxurious wilderness retreats.

1. The Southern Peninsula

The latest addition to Village Inc.’s selection of luxury camp sites, The Southern Peninsula opened for business just 18 months ago, welcoming visitors to Shizuoka Prefecture to escape the city and surround themselves with forested mountains, farms and temples. The lush countryside is a far cry from the bustling streets of nearby Tokyo, and a selection of large cotton tents raised above the provide the perfect rural escape. You need only bring your sleeping bag.

1. Wild Beach Seaside Glamping Park

For those who’d rather wake to the sounds of waves gently lapping the shore, look no further than Wild Beach Seaside Glamping Park. Found in Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture, a trip to Wild Beach from nearby Tokyo takes you on the Trans-Tokyo Bay Highway, leaving Kawasaki by bridge before dipping beneath the water and emerging in seaside Kisazaru. The glampsite itself offers a multitude of accommodation options, from bell to safari tents, surf shacks and airstream trailers, along with a luxury camping hotel and plenty of beach-side cooking facilities.

1. Glamp Element

In Shiga Prefecture, at the foot of Mount Ibuki, Glamp Element offers visitors something a little different. Set in immaculately manicured grounds, each cabin and tent is innovatively designed to create a camping experience like no other. Highlights include the raindrop tent – fully equipped with a shower room inside – and the two-story waterside cabins, complete with canoes so that guests can take to the water. And unlike almost any other campsite, Glamp Element is an all-inclusive resort, where carefully prepared food and drinks are all included in the fee.

1. Grax Premium Camp Resort

In the mountains to the west of Kyoto, Grax Premium Camp Resort offers the chance to escape the city in favour of green fields and big skies, without compromising on comfort. A broad selection of cabins, bungalows, tipis, trailer houses and tents set on decks means there’s something for everyone, and an array of activities including onsen bathing, golf, hiking and fishing on the Tiden Hummingbird lake means you won’t be short of things to do.

1. The Hoshinoya Fuji Resort

Last but not least, those in search of Japan’s ultimate glamping experience should make their way straight to The Hoshinoya Fuji Resort. Taking luxury camping to another level, a collection of architectural concrete cabins nestled in the pine forests along Lake Kawaguchi boast panoramic views of Fuji’s iconic summit. Each pod is minimal but luxe with a private balcony overlooking the lake. Drink sake under the stars, explore the forest on horseback, gather with fellow campers round one of the site’s communal firepits. And if that’s not enough, team up with one of the resort’s ‘Glamping Masters’ – “your personal guide to the joys that can be found in nature.”

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