Dive The Galapagos Of The Orient

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NATURE: Dive the Galapagos of the Orient

Known as “The Galapagos of the Orient”, the remote Ogasawara Islands, 1000km south of Tokyo and only accessible by boat are one for the dedicated diver. Resolutely off-the-beaten-track, a long (and expensive) ferry ride ships visitors to the islands between once and twice a week.

But those that make the journey are never disappointed. A registered UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, the Ogasawaras (also known as the Bonin Islands) are heaven for nature lovers. Like the Galapagos, the islands were never connected to the continent, evolving independently to form completely unique ecosystems both above water and below. Divers exploring the pristine reefs enjoy crystal-clear ‘Bonin blue’ waters with up to 40m visibility and a totally unique subaquatic world filled with indigenous marine life.

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